About Me

John V. Jones, Jr., Ph.D., LPC-S

I am a a retired professor and recently I retired my Licensed Professional Counselor, Supervisory Status (LPC-S). I presently live in Denton, Texas.Additionally, I do some writing on the side, hence this blog is where I spend part of my time and effort. 

I received my M.A. in Literature and my Ph.D. in Counseling Education from the University of North Texas in 1989 and 1996 respectively. I maintained a part-time private practice while teaching at the university level in a counseling program for twenty-five years.

I taught at St. Edward’s University in Austin for the last nineteen years, fully retiring from teaching in May of 2018. Before that, I taught at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD for five years. And previous to that I taught a couple of years at Brookhaven Community College in Dallas. 

Contemplations, as a blog, is in somewhat of transition from its emphasis on professional counseling, shifting to a focus on Christian and libertarian themes, positing ways that we as individuals can take a stand against the Statism that defines our political lives today. As such, this site will not urge support of any political candidates or any specific political parties. In as much as the blog touches on professional counseling, my Christian and libertarian perspectives will inform all that I write here. 

As a Christian, I hope to provide content that explores how to apply Biblical principles to our cultural and political ways of thinking. I write from a Christian and libertarian perspective unapologetically. I’m anti-Statist, pro free market, and a localist who seeks to decentralize political power.  This perspective influenced my counseling work with clients as well. I worked with clients so that they couldl take stock of their lives, live in alignment with their values, and become independent thinkers, seekers of wisdom, and those who search out the truth. 

Since fully retiring from teaching and counseling, I am a part time writer and I have published several articles over the years in professional counseling journals. But my present passion lies in fiction and non-fiction writing. I self-published a book of short stories in 2008. Recently I self-published a book of poetry, titled Uneven Lanes, available on Amazon. I also maintain this blog, providing a new blog article the 14th of each month.

John V. Jones, Jr., Ph.D, LPC-S

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